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Choosing the right learning center is an important first step when you want to reinforce your child's understanding of a specific subject. At Eye Level of Briarcliff, we are dedicated to assisting students improve their overall comprehension.  We recognize that there is a big difference between robotic memorization and an actual understanding of concepts. This is why we provide individualized guidance tailored to each student's individual needs. Every child is different, we get it! Our goal is to guide students to "learn how to learn" thereby nurturing critical thinkers who can problem solve independently. 

We are the only center worldwide that offers a Critical Thinking component as part of the math program.  Our comprehensive Math, Reading and Writing curriculum is developed in such a way that enables students to make advancements even if they are struggling with a certain concept. The material moves at a slow yet progressive pace so that concepts that may have provided initial difficulty are systematically revisited in multiple ways to allow students to gain a complete understanding.

We're proud of the reputation we've developed by helping students from all surrounding areas and schools succeed! Our attention to detail sets us apart, and we'll make sure students are always comfortable before moving ahead. Our instructors serve as mentors who provide guidance, support and encouragement along the way. Whether for early learning, extra help or enrichment, our individualized approach will support each student in developing confidence as he experiences ongoing success.

Let us show you how rewarding our program can be.  To learn more and to schedule your initial consultation, call today!




We started going to Eye Level after a tough year in 5th grade math and after receiving my son's results from NYS math evaluation - he was in the 60th percentile I think. After a little more than a year there he was a lot more confident in his ability to solve math problems. He had a very good year in 6th grade math and is going into accelerated 7th grade math this fall. Glad we went with Eye Level, and Margaret is terrific.
--Stephen K, Briarcliff, NY

Thank you so much Margaret for supporting Micah as he now is a confident reader. You've been so wonderful and we all appreciate you working with him. Also, we spoke to Micah's teacher who is so happy with his academic performance. He told her his favorite subject is reading and has been asking to go to the library. Micah reads every night for longer than his nightly assignment requires and is able to select just right books. Our family is forever grateful.
--Kerri W., Chappaqua, NY

I cannot say enough about Eye Level in Pleasantville and Ms. Margaret herself. My daughter actually loved going to the program and the progress she had made in the short time was really incredible. Ms. Margaret is kind with her words, gentle with the kids and at the same time pushes them to do better with their school work. If you are considering in enrolling in Eye Level, do not hesitate it really will be a great decision. Thank you Ms. Margaret for boosting my daughter's confidence in school.
--Nydia G., Pleasantville

"Margaret is an exceptionally caring and warm instructor. She has the type of demeanor around children that gets them engaged in the materials and motivated to learn. My daughter became noticeably more confident in her math performance in school, and her scores improved tremendously. In my case, my daughter was already very good in math, but we came to Margaret to improve her speed and move her into an excellent category. Margaret has helped her to do both."
--Eva G, Pleasantville Center:

"We were informed about the (State Test) results by late September. As our reason to get him to Eye Level was exactly to make sure his math level was the necessary to obtain good results in the State exams and of course in his 6th grade math, we are very pleased with the results. We are sure that his classes with you were the key to his improvement and we are thankful to you and your staff for your very good work with the kids under your care."
--Janet G., Pleasantville, NY

"I like everything!"
--Alex, age 9

"Personalized systematic and fun. My girl is WILLINGLY doing Maths."
--Sarah May Ai Chan, Briarcliff, NY

"Eight year old Olivia looks forward to each Eye Level session - the individualized instruction and diverse exercises have secured her engagement. She's even been inspired to ask for extra challenges just above her level."
--David Q., Ossining, NY

I enrolled my son Josh in Eye Level about six months ago for help in reading. The progress he made was amazing! Before enrolling, he could not read or even put sounds together. Now, my son is reading small books. It makes me so proud to see how far he's come!
--Meghan, Park Ridge, NJ

My favorite thing about Eye Level is that I get to learn critical thinking.
--Max, age 9


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